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Greek heroes who accompanied JasonA
Moses was found amongst these plantsB
Chronic disease of the liverC
Identification of the nature of an illnessD
Make (someone) feel awkward or self-consciousE
Savagely fierce, cruel or violentF
Female teacher employed in private householdG
Device for securing a prisoner's wristsH
New York ice hockey teamI
Hot green chilli peppersJ
Gifts that evokes memories of a personK
Extremely comfortable or elegantL
Indian Ocean countryM
What follows the 90sN
Highly objectionable or offensiveO
Works of artP
Reaches the next round of a competitionQ
Those connected by blood or marriageR
Nylon or silk leg coveringS
Selling of goods or services over the phoneT
Road passing beneath another road or railwayU
Krakatoa, Vesuvius or CotopaxiV
Having no real value or useW
Fragments of rock within an igneous rockX
Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page groupY
German rigid airshipsZ

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