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Legendary island that sank in the oceanA
Easternmost island of the West IndiesB
Flatten by pressing or squeezingC
Absence of lightD
Stress given to a particular word or wordsE
Military strongholdF
Exclamation, possibly from 'God's hooks'G
Induction into artificially induced tranceH
Teeth at the front of the mouthI
Crosses road unlawfully (and dangerously)J
Woman's undergarmentK
Having a delicious taste or smellL
Indian Ocean country, SW of IndiaM
In the open airO
Large gland behind the stomachP
Divides into fourQ
Extremely hungryR
Rock, Paper and ...S
Small instrument for plucking out hairsT
On or to a higher floor (of a building)U
Folic acid, biotin, niacin, riboflavin ...V
Female who serves restaurant customersW
Having yellowish, auburn or brown hairX
Food made from curdled milkY
Greek god of the west windZ

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