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Julie: Sound of Music actressA
North American countryB
Scale of temperatureC
Bilbo Baggins' companionsD
Hold the complete attention of (someone)E
Of or relating to ironF
First book of the Old TestamentG
Bone of the upper armH
Rock type (one of three)I
Incompetent foolJ
Capital of Minoan CreteK
Jesus raised him from the deadL
City in Tennessee or ancient EgyptM
Positively charged center of an atomN
Eight armed cephalopodO
He slew the Gorgon MedusaP
Christian movement founded by George FoxQ
Unpleasantly loud and harshR
Accomplishment of an aim or purposeS
Framework used to support climbing plantsT
James Joyce novelU
Deliberately hurtful or maliciousV
Person who sees a crimeW
Copies a documentX
City in New York StateY
Marked by active interest and enthusiasmZ

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