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QUIZ: Can you name the six-letter words A _ _ _ _ S to Z _ _ _ _ S?

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Greek capital cityA
Avoid or circumvent (an obstacle or problem)B
Desert plantC
Scattered pieces of rubbish or remainsD
Path or opening for going out; an exitE
Noisy disturbance or quarrelF
Without charge; freeG
Excessive pride or self-confidenceH
International cricket team: West ______I
Full of happiness and delightJ
New York basketball teamK
Paper used to test for acidity or alkalinityL
Indian city or hot curryM
Birthmark or a mole on the skinN
Extremely unpleasant; repulsiveO
Quality that evokes pity or sadnessP
Lines of peopleQ
Bone in the human forearmR
Sporcle categoryS
Game involving racketsT
Seventh planet from the SunU
Opposed to; in contrast toV
Large flippered marine mammalW
Small three-masted vesselsX
Gives way toY
Adjusts (an instrument) to 0Z

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