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False or assumed identityA
State of perfect happinessB
Board game played on a chequered boardC
French artist famous for ballet paintingsD
The 'King of Rock and Roll'E
Clean between (one's teeth)F
Co-founder of Microsoft CorporationG
Greek god of the netherworldH
One of the longest rivers in AsiaI
He betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silverJ
Expression of approval and commendationK
The name of 18 French KingsL
With the subtraction ofM
Small corners or alcovesN
Fertile spot in a desertO
Push something firmlyP
Resigns from (a job)Q
Twin brother of RomulusR
Born in Geneva or Zurich ...S
North African capital cityT
Mountain range in western RussiaU
Goddess of love and beautyV
Minor Arcana tarot card suitW
Horizontal line on a graphX
Belgian town associated with WW II battle(s)Y
Adds herbs or spices toZ

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