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Element: Al 
Element: Ar 
Element: As 
Element: Sb 
Element: At 
Body Parts
Upper limb 
Main artery of the body 
Body part containing the stomach 
Tendon connecting calf and heel 
Lymphatic tissue at back of throat 
The Sky
Spiral galaxy (and constellation) 
Australis or Borealis 
Science of celestial objects and space 
Star sign 
Smaller planetoid that orbits the Sun 
Having a pH of less than 7 
Having a pH of more than 7 
Basic unit of matter 
Opposite of catabolic 
Material made of two or more metals 
Basic mathematical operation (+) 
Ancient device for calculating 
Angle less than 90 degrees 
Mean, median or mode 
Part of a circle's circumference 
Reptile: order Crocodilia 
Snake: genus Eunectes 
Seabird: family Diomedeidae 
Mammal: suborder Vermilingua 
Mammal: family Camelidae 

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