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Large crocodilian reptileA
One of the MagiB
Parsley-like herbC
Vanish without traceD
Casual meeting (with someone)E
Native American term for alcoholF
Roman Colosseum combatant G
McDonald's productH
Apparatus used for premature infantsI
One who crosses a street illegallyJ
U.S. Secretary of State and diplomat K
House of York antagonistL
General who accepted surrender of JapanM
Chicago Tribune for exampleN
Person who comes from a foreign countryO
Mechanical device that powers shipP
Contestant who reaches next stage Q
Lake used to store waterR
Large (usually) triangular headsailS
Where Nelson was mortally woundedT
Clothing worn beneath outer clothesU
Canada's third largest cityV
One who transgresses moral or civil lawW
Person that is not yet adultY
Ancient Persian prophet: religious founderZ

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