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Can you find the eight-letter words A _ _ _ _ _ _ R to Z _ _ _ _ _ _ R?

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Burrowing mammal that feeds on termitesA
Male who has never marriedB
Elongated salad vegetableC
Period of heavy rainD
Place into a hazardous situationE
Extreme limit of settled landF
Lilliput visitorG
Result of too much alcohol H
Relating to the inside of somethingI
Lopez, Lawrence or AnistonJ
Woolly clothingK
Expression of mirth or pleasureL
French courtesy title; equivalent to `Mister'M
Month of the yearN
Person who works at the switchboardO
Distinctively oddP
Xenophilius Lovegood's magazineQ
Recall to mindR
One of the Great LakesS
One aged 13 and 19 years oldT
___ motive: alternative reason for doing somethingU
Pertaining to vessels that carry fluids (e.g. blood)V
Hulk Hogan or Triple HW
Animated show about King Arthurs' swordX
Swiss mountaineering singerY
Tanzanian archipelago in the Indian OceanZ

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