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One who operates an aircraftA
Organ in the body that holds urineB
Barbary Coast pirateC
Widow holding property (from deceased husband)D
Imaginary line around the EarthE
Slow moving mass of iceG
Burrowing rodent and common petH
Cutting or gnawing toothI
Supreme god of RomansJ
Disputed area between Pakistan and IndiaK
Edible marine crustaceanL
Asian countryM
Resembling a cloudN
10th month of the yearO
French chemist and biologist (1822-1895)P
Divide by fourQ
Adult male chickenR
Naval officer in command of a military shipS
Localized and violently destructive windstormT
One who illegally seizes the place of anotherU
Dilute acetic acidV
British royal house (since 1917)W
No X answerX
Not as oldY
Quicker and more energeticZ

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