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Christian church tableA
U.K. Prime MinisterB
National tree of Lebanon C
Raise objections or show reluctanceD
Sea duck noted for its soft downE
Less in numberF
Person who runs office errandsG
Author of the IliadH
The 'blood' of the Greek godsI
Aladdin's arch enemyJ
Native or inhabitant of CambodiaK
Largest solid organ in the bodyL
Commissioned military rankM
Lowest pointN
Unpleasant smellO
Earlier in timeP
Asian countryQ
'Message received and understood' termR
Track or scent of an animalS
Large orange and black striped felineT
Mammary gland of cattleU
Small venomous snakeV
Money risked on a gambleW
German form of XavierX
Short barrelled rifleY
Person who divides things into sectionsZ

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