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Pharaoh son of Ahmose NefretiriA
Painful dive into swimming poolB
Melon type with yellowish fleshC
Potentially dangerous structure or vehicleD
Listen without speaker's knowledgeE
Extreme of the handF
Skin's response to cold or frightG
Equine tool (also called a riding crop)H
Grow multiple plants in the same fieldI
Sportsman's protective undergarmentJ
Condition of being a rogue or scoundrelK
Vessel with beacon used to guide ships at seaL
Snare for catching rodentsM
Forum on the Usenet serviceN
Wake later than intendedO
Metallic paper fastener P
Ballroom dance Q
Change plans for the use of landR
Pile of discarded metalS
North American term for transport cafeT
Support from beneathU
Liquid falling as a tear or rain ...W
Colorful kind of grass (goldenrod)Y
Computer processing power (ZFlop)Z

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