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Can you find the eight-letter words A _ _ _ _ _ _ P to X _ _ _ _ _ _ P?

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Small landing field having only one runwayA
Baseball positionB
Pompous or pretentious talk or writingC
Heavy object near a room's entranceD
Thin slice of meat (or marine bivalve)E
Fleet's finest vesselF
Covering for a present, usually paperG
Golfers advantage given (or disadvantage)H
Extend over; cover part ofI
Where old discarded things are sold (two words)J
Halfway up ones legs in waterK
Boiled sweet on the end of a stickL
Sheridan's play The Rivals characterM
Alcoholic drink taken at bedtimeN
Pass beyond (limits or boundaries)O
Proof of ownership of a vehicleP
No Q AnswerQ
Portion of water falllling from the skyR
Troopers or EnterpriseS
South African suburb or cityT
Lower fleshy part of the mouthU
_______ _: Dietary substance found in fruit ...V
Place where things are made or repairedW
Fruit, such as a coconutX

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