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Belgium's second cityA
Hotel's errand boy and luggage carrierB
Bright yellow flowered plantC
Grow or become more advancedD
Boneless meat (thinned out with a mallet)E
Venus _______: insectivorous plantF
Traditional girl's PE school uniform (UK)G
Crest or top of a natural elevationH
The Stooges vocalist (full name)I
No J answerJ
Sauce made from tomatoesK
Retired Danish soccer player MichaelL
Timid man or boyM
Continuing without stopping or pausingN
Visible exposure of bedrockO
Whitish edible root vegetableP
No Q answerQ
Peter Weller's crime-eradicating cyborgR
Support for a horse rider's footS
Female adultererT
Remove or loosen a leather beltU
No V answerV
Show devotion to (a deity)W

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