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Greek author of fablesA
Small nonrigid airshipB
Painful muscular contractionC
Hang loosely or laxlyD
Provide with (something)E
Dowdy unattractive womanF
Understand the meaning ofG
Elaborate medieval gobletH
No I answerI
Sweet alcoholic flavoured drinkJ
Type of rock found on the moonK
Basketball shot (off the backboard)L
Confusion of one thing with anotherM
No N answerN
Primrose with yellow flowersO
Having a full rounded shapeP
'The Old Curiosity Shop' villainQ
Summarize of what has been saidR
Having an keen edge or pointS
Vagrant or beggarT
Take control without authorityU
No V answerV
The young of a dog ...W
No X answerX
Cry out (like a child)Y
U.S. rock band: Sharp Dressed ManZ

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