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Can you name the missing words relating to these historic April dates?

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1st (1988)Iran accuses Iraq of using _______ gas on civilians
2nd (1982)Argentinian forces invade the ________ Islands
3rd (1948)Harry Truman signs ________ Plan to restore Europe
4th (1949)North ________ Treaty Organisation formed
5th (1614)John Rolfe marries __________ (daughter of Chief Powhatan)
6th (1896)First modern _______ games are held in Athens
7th (1906)Italian volcano '_________' erupts
8th (1904)Long Acre Square is renamed _____ Square
9th (1770)Capt James Cook discovers ______ Bay
10th (1858)Big ___, a 14.5 tonne bell for the Palace of Westminster is cast
11th (1970)______ 13 spacecraft launched
12th (1955)Salk vaccine against _____ is declared safe and effective
13th (1976)$2.00 bill issued with portrait of Thomas _________ on the front
14th (1865)John Wilkes Booth shoots President _______
15th (1912)The _______ sinks
16th (1972)China sends President Nixon two giant ______ as a gift
17th (1937)_____ Duck makes his debut in Porky's Duck Hunt
18th (1906)An __________, followed by fire, destroys most of San Francisco
19th (2005)Joseph Ratzinger became Pope ________ XVI
20th (1968)Pierre _______ becomes the Prime Minister of Canada
21st (1918)The 'Red _____' is killed in action
22nd (2010)Oil platform '__________ Horizon' sinks into the Gulf of Mexico
23rd (1016) Edmund Ironside succeeds his father Æthelred the _______ as king of England
24th (1792)'La Marseillaise' (the ______ national anthem) is composed
25th (1792)The __________ is used for the first time in France
26th (1986)Accident occurs at the _________ nuclear power plant
27th (1989)Beijing students take over Tiananmen ______ in China
28th (1789)Fletcher Christian leads a mutiny on HMS _______
29th (1429)Seige of Orleans is lifted by Joan of ___
30th (1789)George __________ becomes the first US President

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