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In the open airA
London underground tube lineB
U.S. stateC
Baseball legend: Joe (the Yankee Clipper)D
Type of strong black coffeeE
Pink web-footed wading birdF
Pinocchio's fatherG
World War II Japanese emperorH
Suggestive or allusive remarkI
Hot green or red pepperJ
Australian marsupialK
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtleL
Insect that sucks blood M
Electronic games maker (company)N
Large musical composition e.g. Handel's MessiahO
Magician in Shakespeare's The TempestP
Quintet in Spanish !Q
Cattle worker (SW America and Mexico)R
Bosnia's capital and largest cityS
Another term for duodecimo (12mo for short)T
No U answerU
Person highly skilled in musicV
Napoleon's final battleW
No X AnswerX
Japanese admiral who attacked Pearl HarborY
No Z answerZ

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