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Pear-shaped tropical fruitA
Flour tortilla folded around a fillingB
Largest city in IllinoisC
Plácido _______ (Three Tenors)D
Governmental restriction on tradeE
______ Rocher (chocolate)F
Italian astronomer and mathematicianG
Member of the lower nobility of SpainH
Intense and uncontrolled fireI
Ancient bibical city of PalestineJ
Characteristic sound of a person sneezingK
African countryL
Reminder of past eventsM
Composition for nine instrumentsN
Shakespearean tragedyO
Spanish painter and sculptorP
Ruff for the neckQ
Italian dish of rice cooked with brothR
Eighth sign of the zodiacS
Violently destructive windstormT
Experience or be subjected to (something)U
Sensation of dizzinessV
Regardless of which placeW
No X answerX
John Lennon's widow (full name)Y
Omar Sharif movie: Doctor _______Z

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