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Friend or comradeA
Cry of approval as from an audienceB
Large stringed instrumentC
Australian wild dogD
Muse of lyric and love poetryE
Large sheet of paper folded in the middleF
U.S. film actress (born in Sweden)G
Second-oldest of the Marx BrothersH
Rocky Mountains stateI
Fruit-flavored dessert J
Musical toy which produces a buzzing soundK
Very slow in tempoL
Very large in scale or scope or capabilityM
Tortilla, topped with melted cheese and spicesN
Get the better ofO
Former planetP
Capital city of EcuadorQ
Exhibition of cowboy skillsR
Rapid simultaneous discharge of firearmsS
Latin-American ballroom danceT
Latin term literally meaning 'in the womb'U
Sixth sign of the zodiacV
Crazy personW
Shaped like or resembling a swordX
Widely used search engineY
Don Diego de la Vega Z

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