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Projectiles such as bullets or shellsA
Board game for two playersB
Money taken at a church or for charityC
Sunken feature or 'the blues'D
Extreme fatigueE
Lowest support of a structureF
Tremendous in sizeG
Dick Turpin or Captain LightfootH
What Cinderella received I
Sports player who is reliable (not outstanding)J
Landlocked Asian countryK
Mischievous Irish elfL
Famous mountain in the AlpsM
Prose (factual) writingN
Ones job or professionO
Novel by Jane AustenP
Major U.S. political partyR
State of extreme hungerS
Nickname for HollywoodT
1992 Clint Eastwood westernU
Person who eats no meat or fishV
Capital city or type of bootW
At 12 o'clock the previous dayY
From Harare or BulawayoZ

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