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Time from noon to eveningA
Infleuential German composer b.1770B
Tenth sign in the zodiacC
Large spotted dogD
Outburst caused by a bombE
Amphibian eggs laid in massF
They prefer BlondesG
31 October celebrationH
State of being alone or away from othersI
Colored chewy sweetJ
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines capitalK
First battle of the American RevolutionL
Life-size shop dummy M
Lingerie worn in bed by womenN
Milton Bradley 'medical' gameO
Play by George Bernard ShawP
Former name of The BeatlesQ
State of economic declineR
Peter Parker's alter-egoS
Swimming, cycling and running sportT
Milla Jovovich's nationalityU
Vivid reddish-orange colorV
London tennis venueW
Ben' Ainslie or Dennis ConnerY
From Here to Eternity directorZ

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