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First person to reach the South PoleA
Boston (Massachusetts) nicknameB
Performer who tells jokesC
One of the four rules of numberD
Holes on a golf courseE
Ornamental water featureF
Porgy and Bess composerG
Most abundant element in the universeH
Something that tricks the eyeI
Throw out (as from an airplane)J
Largest city of JamaicaK
Midday mealL
Circle of constant longitudeM
Titled peer of the realmN
Contradictory term e.g. deafening silenceO
Marine organisms often eaten by whalesP
Phrase that seeks a replyQ
Sporcle categoryR
Astronaut or cosmonautS
Grey-white metallic elementT
Support (a building) from belowU
Leisure time away from workV
A wandering albatross can have an 11 ft one W
Pertaining to XanthusX
Where Cornwallis surrenderedY
Large German dirigible airshipZ

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