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QUIZ: Can you find the seven-letter words A _ _ _ _ _ N to Z _ _ _ _ _ N?

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White part of an eggA
Persian Gulf countryB
Domestic fowlC
Marine mammalD
Make (an idea or situation) clearE
Literature that is a work of the imaginationF
French Post-impressionist painter (1848-1903)G
Largest city in TexasH
Hormone produced in the pancreasI
Peter ______ or _______ PollockJ
Citadel in MoscowK
Asian wind that brings heavy rainsM
Baby from birth to four weeksN
Turkish dynastyO
Large billed sea birdP
Make or become fasterQ
Islamic month of fastingR
King of England 1135-1154S
Author of The HobbitT
20th letter of the Greek alphabetU
Residence of the PopeV
Leaves of Grass poetW
Wood cells in a forming (nascent) stateX
Peninsula in SE MexicoY
Large indefinite number (hyperbole)Z

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