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1998 DreamWorks Animated movie
Playful trick or prank; caper
Song of praise (to God or a nation)
Part of the stamen containing pollen
Horn of a member of the deer family
Cleopatra's beau
Cavity or hollow in a bone
The brightest star in Scorpius
Appendages on the head of an insect
Highly infectious animal disease
_______ and Barbuda
Ancient capital of Syria
Belonging to the past; not modern
A word meaning opposite (bad - good)
Financial center in northern Belgium
Burrowing monotreme mammal
Gazelle; springbok or impala ...
Remedy that stops the effects of poison
Chemical element #51
The region around the south pole
Occurring or existing before birth
Collection of selected literary passages
First course of a formal Italian meal
Principal character in opposition
Preceding in time or order
Regard something as probable or likely

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