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Organs of sight
Changes the colour of (material)
Performs an action
Sleep in a crude or makeshift bed
Quantity of a medicine
Hemispherical roof or ceiling
Large scholarly book
It waits for no man
It also waits for no man
Of more than average breadth
Thin flexible thread of metal
Carried (clothes) on ones body
Study or examine something attentively
Left side of a ship
Categorize things or people
Black powdery substance
Small alcoholic beverege
Move (a door or window)
Looks at closely or with interest
Cereal grasses used in whisky making
Bitterly regrets
Travels at speed
Ancient Germanic letter
6th month of the year
Tarzan's girlfriend
Gradually decline (in size or strength)
Fermented grape juice
Far from the intended target
Someone who acts as assistant
Helps or supports
Desired outcomes
A farewell to these limbs
Greek and Roman god of war
Large primates that lacks a tail
Giving unobstructed access (poetic)
Move (a door or window)

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