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Occurring before a certain war (oft. US Civil War)A
Most populous city in AlabamaB
Liquid formerly used as a general anaestheticC
In the direction of the current (water)D
Energetic interest (in something)E
Government shared between state and provincesF
Museum of modern art in New YorkG
Also called Heathenry or Germanic HeathenryH
Rejection/destruction of religious imagesI
The writing of newspapers or magazines ...J
Bowl shaped percussion instrumentK
Radioactive metal: atomic number 103L
Written message in business or diplomacyM
City associated with Robin HoodN
Surpass in performance; do better thanO
Examination of the body after deathP
Medieval ‘mathematical arts’ university courseQ
Electoral vote (on a specific issue) R
Flow of air driven backwards by aircraft ...S
Tweedledee's brotherT
Fail to impress (someone); disappointU
Roman amphitheatre entranceV
Principal secretary to Queen Elizabeth IW
Having the shape of a 'Y' Y

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