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Capital of the NetherlandsA
Constantinople and Istanbul's former nameB
Where school lessons take placeC
It separates the thorax from the abdomenD
Brass wind instrumentE
Social system in medieval EuropeF
Building equipped for physical exerciseG
Sudden heavy fall of frozen rainH
Latin phrase: Ad _________ (forevermore)I
Holy city often called Mount ZionJ
Saucy message delivered by dressed up characterK
Exponent required to produce given numberL
Miniature photographic copyM
Newly invented word or phraseN
Defeat completely (or submerge in emotion) O
Unattainable or fanciful hopeP
Society of Friends docrineQ
Parasitic infection of the skin (nematode)R
Largest city of SwedenS
Quadrilateral (or wrist bone)T
Final peremptory demandU
Wanton destruction of propertyV
Clever or comically ironic remarkW
Plant with sword-shaped leavesX
Silvery-white metal (atomic number 70)Y
Hard silver-grey metal (atomic number 40)Z

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