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Tank or pool for keeping live fishA
Major World religionB
Attitude, disparaging the motives of othersC
Where photographs are developedD
Large store selling wide variety of goodsE
Gesture of dismay or embarrassment (-_Q)F
Luminous larvaG
Valuable family objectH
Line on a map connecting temperaturesI
Large wine bottleJ
Capital city of SudanK
Hard, washable floor coveringL
Impetus gained by a moving objectM
Element named after famous Swedish chemistN
Hopefulness and confidence in the futureO
Device used to pluck stringed instrumentP
Dominion of a female monarchQ
State again (strongly)R
Highest class of angelsS
Message sent 'over the wire'T
Against the river's currentU
In exactly the same wordsV
Toilet facilityW
Rough or spiny herb (family Compositae)X
Loud or disruptive behavior (Gulliver's Travels)Y
Male reproductive cellsZ

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