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First of the Old Testament patriarchsA
European countryB
Part of the skullC
Drawing showing how something worksD
Exaggerated opinion of own importanceE
Pivot on which a lever turnsF
PSY - _______ StyleG
Word having same spelling but different meaningH
Intervening timeI
Hebrew religionJ
Domain ruled by a monarchK
Chemical element: atomic number 3L
Greatest possible amount M
Latin name for sodiumN
American arboreal marsupialO
Act on stageP
Discrete amount of somethingQ
Mass celebrated for the deadR
The breastboneS
Idea accepted as a demonstrable truthT
Military clothingU
Asian countryV
Tungsten or its oreW
No X answerX
Outer extremity of a ship's mastY
Movement for the development of a Jewish nationZ

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