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'Thriller' or 'Dark Side of the Moon'A
Curvaceous (of a female body) B
Deep fissure in the earth's surfaceC
Popular hard-wearing cotton fabricD
German form of 'Enzyme'E
Public meeting or assemblyF
German literary brothersG
Apparently impressive, but actually untrueH
Muslim religionI
Large bowl for serving drinksJ
Tapestry-woven rug or other textileK
Temporary physicianL
Expression of a general truth or principleM
Latin for 'New thing'N
Drug obtained from poppiesO
King of Troy during the Trojan WarP
Uneasy feeling of doubt or fearQ
Watery fluid from the nose or eyesR
Involuntary muscular contractionS
Unit of heatT
Take away the weapons fromU
Toxin secreted by a snakeV
To overcome utterlyW
Woody part of a plantX
Sweet white French wineY
Belief in animal powers and influencesZ

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