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Can you find the eight-letter words A _ _ _ _ _ _ L to Z _ _ _ _ _ _ L?

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Relating to or formed by treesA
MLB sportB
Male chickenC
National flower of WalesD
Located outside ofE
Security system (computing)F
Characterized by beauty of movementG
Where patients receive treatmentH
Not subject to deathI
Unwanted letters sent by postJ
Punish (someone) by dragging under a shipK
Relating to tearsL
Medieval singer or musicianM
Involving ships or shippingN
Not compulsory O
Arriving at the time appointedP
Hogwarts professorQ
In accordance with reason or logicR
Winter missile or Simpson's catS
Free from disturbance; calmT
Not conforming to legalityU
At right angles to the horizonV
Building associated with making flourW
No X answerX
Not yet matureY
Related to the twelve constellationsZ

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