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Can you name the six-letter words A _ _ _ _ L to Z _ _ _ _ L?

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Occurring every yearA
Deepest lake in the worldB
Percussion instrumentC
Causing gloom or dejectionD
French engineer of Parisian landmark E
Preserved remains of prehistoric animalF
Burrowing desert rodentG
Gretel's brotherH
Set up for useI
Nocturnal canine mammalJ
Shelter for a dogK
Genghis Khan for instanceM
One twentieth of a dollarN
Severe or trying experienceO
Female organ of a flowerP
Long-tailed bird from S.America (alt. spelling)Q
Second wife of Jacob (Old Testament)R
Basic unit of money in IsraelS
Underground passagewayT
Receptacle found in a toiletU
One who destroys or defaces propertyV
Campbell's Soup Cans artistW
No X answerX
No Y answerY
Arnold ______: Green Acres' pigZ

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