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Cancel officiallyA
Dense ring-shaped bread rollB
Rude and mean-spirited personC
Saliva spilling from the mouthD
Having the same quantityE
Wild and menacingF
Chalice used at the Last SupperG
Small crude shelterH
Musical composition describing rural lifeI
Precious or semiprecious stoneJ
Shrimp-like planktonic crustaceansK
Steadfast in allegianceL
Wealthy or powerful businessmanM
Of a kind not seen beforeN
Edible entrails and internal organsO
Move about restlessly and stealthilyP
Suppress or crush completelyQ
Person who refuses allegiance toR
Glib talk used by a salepersonS
Ugly cave-dwelling creatureT
Commonly encounteredU
Circular object that revolves on an axleW
Flammable hydrocarbonX
Unsophisticated countryside dwellerY
Relating to distinguished or specific regionsZ

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