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Can you name the seven letter words containing the consecutive letters 'AL'?

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A L _ _ _ _ _
American state 
Princess Jasmine's beau 
European country 
Medieval form of chemistry 
Whiskey, beer or brandy 
Branch of mathematics 
African country 
Musically brisk and lively 
Changed or modified 
_ A L _ _ _ _
State of equilibrium 
Where Christ was crucified 
Famous Italian astronomer 
Exactly in the middle 
Infection caused by mosquito 
Humphrey Bogart's falcon 
Cargo from a shipwreck 
Communicating verbally 
Capital city of Estonia 
Kangaroo-type animal 
_ _ A L _ _ _
Large cup or goblet 
Regional form of a language 
Feeling fit and hale 
Feeling an envious resentment  
Become aware of 
Type of triangle 
Knife used by surgeons 
Not deep 
Having a great deal of money 
Full of enthusiasm 
_ _ _ A L _ _
Mollusk with two hinged shells 
Troops who fight on horseback 
Reduce the worth of (currency)  
Breathed out 
In conclusion 
Person disabled by ailment 
Punishment for breaking a law 
Insignia e.g crown and sceptre 
Possessor of crown and sceptre 
Filthy and wretched conditions 
'Four Seasons' composer 
_ _ _ _ A L _
Substance for surfacing roads 
Official language of Bangladesh 
North American bison 
Where a model parades 
Organ of vision 
Load software onto a computer 
Capital city of Uganda 
Including or covering everything 
Black and white (patched) horse 
Game that says 'Tilt' 
Excessive sentimentality 
_ _ _ _ _ A L
Supreme commander of a fleet 
Become gelatinous 
Hold spellbound 
Ceremony for the dead 
Patton, Lee or Zod 
Daily written record 
Arctic whale with spiral tusk 
Event causing public outrage 
West African country 
Like DalĂ­'s art 
Petty and of little importance 

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