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Can you name the ten-letter words A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ K to Z _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ K?

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Earthquake after-tremorA
Witches form of transportB
Confirm something by using several sourcesC
Localized quakeE
Smudge made with hand digitF
Preparation made beforehandG
Intense sorrow H
To stun mutually (as if by collision)I
Lewis Carroll beastJ
Miscellaneous curioK
Person who fells treesL
1987 Cher-Nicolas Cage movieM
Sewing or embroideryN
Stupefied by heavy blows to the headP
Slow down and look at road accidentR
Type of knotS
Small plastic game counterT
Fall short of contract in Bridge (card game)U
Furniture made of reeds or grassesW
Cheap fading novelY

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