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Riding without a saddleB
Burrowing ground squirrelC
Tied vote, where agreement cannot be madeD
Kitchen utensil for making an OmeletteE
Mark Zuckerberg's networking service F
Traffic that has come to a standstillG
Breed of whaleH
Articles made of ferrous materialI
Lever used by a pilot (or game player)J
Commercial bribeK
Humorous five line verseL
Unorthodox or independent-minded personM
Small laptop computerN
Fail to noticeO
Charles Dickens: The ________ PapersP
No Q answerQ
Large bag with supporting frameR
Lucky Irish cloverS
Native American fighting axT
Not miniaturized U
Fauvism artist Maurice de ________V
Capital city of NamibiaW
No X answerX
High school annual publication/memorialY
Sweetened bread enriched with eggsZ

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