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Material (such as a drawings or photographs)A
Capital of ThailandB
Russian military horsemanC
European countryD
Designate (funds) for a particular purposeE
Projection on the lower part of horse's legF
Device employed to cheat, deceive, or trickG
Cod related fishH
Tool used to break up frozen waterI
Cross the street or road unlawfullyJ
US movie director: The ShiningK
Journal for ship or aircraftL
President of Egypt from 1981 to 2011M
Be overly criticalN
Remote inland districts of AustraliaO
Showy bird that fans out his feathersP
Search through thoroughly (often roughly)R
Antagonist in The Merchant of VeniceS
Compact tuft especially of grassT
No longer trapped (in the mud)U
The state of being a marriedW
Veil worn by Muslim womenY

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