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Can you name the six-letter words A _ _ _ _ K to Z _ _ _ _ K?

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Launch an assault onA
Hungarian composer: BélaB
Slang term for a CanadianC
Expose while ridiculingD
Set out on (an enterprise)E
French composer: César ______F
Birthplace of the Solidarity, PolandG
Illegally seize (a vehicle)H
Leave on a trip (archaic)I
The Trial (Franz Kafka) protagonist _____ _J
Russian coinK
German Hanseatic cityL
Travis Bickle hairstyleM
New Jersey's largest cityN
Long, broad Inuit boatO
Max ______: German physicistP
No Q answerQ
Say something as a commentR
Decrease in sizeS
Deliver a hard blow toT
Open a bottle of wineU
Yuri Gagarin spacecraftV
Patrick: Where Eagles Dare actorW
No X answerX
South American aquatic opossumY
Richard D. ______ (movie producer)Z

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