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Situated to the rearA
Briefly shut the eyesB
Batman wears oneC
Someone who is intoxicatedD
Electronic reading matterE
Group of sheep or goatsF
Indo-European family of languagesG
Desperado actress SalmaH
Wicked games singer ChrisI
Slavic/Polish variant of JohnJ
Small canoeK
Surgery procedure to reshape corneaL
Capital of BelarusM
Founder of Sikhism: Guru _____N
Variety of Chinese black teaO
Strip the feathers off (a bird)P
Strange attitude or habitQ
Refill a fountain penR
Princess Fiona's husbandS
Express gratitude forT
Central Asian languageU
Canadian tennis player: _____ PospisilV
Smash or break forcefullyW
No X answerX
Water opossum (Chironectes minimus)Y
Shaggy's expression of panic or fearZ

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