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Almond flavoured biscuitA
Edible plant in the cabbage familyB
Colored paper found at a weddingC
Country in northeastern Africa D
Throat to the stomach canal (plural)E
Capital of TuvaluF
Writing, drawing on rocks or wallsG
Cypriot cheeseH
Bolivian peak (21,201 feet high)I
Medium-hot Indian curry dishJ
Desert in southwestern AfricaK
Long slender strips of pastaL
U.S. stateM
Japanese city bombed by nuclear weaponN
Essential parts in a score (Music)O
Ancient board game resembling backgammonP
No Q answerQ
Christina: Pre-Raphaelite poetR
Most populous city in both China and AsiaS
Sauce used in Japanese cookeryT
Amerigo: Italian explorerV
Be pulled by rope attached to a speedboat W
No X answerX
Japanese dish of skewered chicken piecesY
Cucumber-shaped vegetableZ

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