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Native of KabulA
The Blues Brothers actor JohnB
128 in Roman numeralsC
533 in Roman numeralsD
Turkish term of respect or courtesyE
Italian sports car manufacturerF
Small (Italian) dumplingG
U.S. magician (born in Hungary)H
Native of Tel AvivI
Whirlpool bath (trademark)J
Largest city in PakistanK
Siren of German legendL
James Bond's tippleM
Capital city of KenyaN
Japanese art of folding paperO
Italian city destroyed by Volcanic eruptionP
(Muammar) Gaddafi - alternative spellingQ
Traditional Italian small pasta envelopesR
Japanese feudal warriorS
High sea wave caused by an earthquakeT
Italian baroque composer: The Four SeasonsV
Well-known Honolulu beach and resortW
38 in Roman numeralsX
Ice-skating rink smoothing machineZ

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