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Carry out a task successfully A
Asian countryB
Eight-day Jewish holiday (Alt spelling)C
__________ beetle (Xestobium rufovillosum)D
Final hole on a golf courseE
Flannel used for cleaning where you walkF
Pimply state of the skin (by cold)G
Egyptian 'written' characterH
Make poorI
12th century castle in WarwickshireK
Printing process that uses a metal plateL
Waterproof raincoatM
Elongated carnivorous marine animalN
Looking or sounding bizarre or unfamiliarO
Picture made using a cameraP
Native American term for a wolverineQ
Voluntarily cease to keep or claimR
Extinct cat similar to a smilodonS
Implement for oral hygiene T
On the lower or downward sideU
Tasting sour (Like acetic acid)V
English poet (1770-1850)W
Brightly colored rock trout Y
Printing plateZ

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