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Move towardsA
Thing (creature) of monstrous size or powerB
Effrontery or impudence (Yiddish)C
Destroy (a building) completelyD
Facial item worn by a pirateE
Halibut, sole, flounder, etcF
Sodom and ________G
Eight-day Jewish holiday H
To the extent thatI
Hebrew prophet who foresaw the fall of AssyriaJ
Ancient Jewish mystical traditionK
To be or become weak or feebleL
Obelisk formed of a single block of stoneM
Basketball inventorN
Extend (your arm) further than anotherO
Town founded by Pilgrim FathersP
Nauseate; queasyQ
Swiss languageR
Bodily or muscular powerS
Painstakingly careful and accurateT
Last in an indefinitely numerous seriesU
Conquer or subdue by superior forceV
Severe jerk to the head (in auto accident)W
Rock fragment trapped in another type of rockX
Quite youthfulY
Deity conceived of in animal formZ

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