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Can you find the seven-letter words A _ _ _ _ _ H to Z _ _ _ _ _ H?

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Do away withA
Chemical element with symbol BiB
World's swiftest mammalC
Samson's mistressD
Principal language of the UK, USA ...E
Daughter of the prophet MohammedF
Rich Hungarian stewG
Eight-day Jewish holidayH
Accuse (public official) of misconductI
Old Testament name for GodJ
Iranian language spoken in Turkey ...K
Ill-mannered and coarseL
Extinct elephantM
Provide with the food (for growth)N
African flightless birdO
Ancient Egyptian kingP
Kabbalah: alternative spellingQ
Worthless materialR
Food associated with PopeyeS
Great victory or achievementT
Lacking good manners or graceU
Shiny nail coveringV
Hostile course (taken by native American)W
Language used by JewsY

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