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Lay in wait and attackA
Make whiter or lighterB
House of worshipC
Scandinavian languageD
Neptune's position from the SunE
Legal ruling issued by Islamic leaderF
Dr. Seuss characterG
Oriental tobacco pipeH
Old Testament bookI
Benjamin Netanyahu's religionJ
Brandy distilled from cherriesK
Set (a ship) in the waterL
Capital city of BavariaM
Quite recently come into existenceN
Strong surge forwardsO
Social outcastP
Satisfy (one's thirst) by drinkingQ
Capital city of Saudi ArabiaR
Lilo's partnerS
Beat the seeds out of a grainT
Overly conceited or arrogantU
Cease to exist; disappearV
Sudden violent twist or pullW
No X answerX
Old Testament name for GodY
Highest point above observer's horizonZ

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