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Ancient Egyptian symbol of life.
German baroque composer (1685-1750)
Metal weapon covered by leather
The lady ____ protest too much, methinks
Cut into the surface of (glass, for example)
Cold-blooded vertebrate with gills
Dutch Post-impressionist painter
Having a relatively great elevation
Irritating cutaneous sensation
Be silly or tease one another
Familiar friends, neighbors, or relatives
Scottish word for a lake
Traditional story accepted as history
Bibical Ark builder
Solemn promise
Tigger's best friend
19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet
Having great possessions and wealth
Former hereditary monarch of Iran
Pretentious or silly talk or writing
State in the western United State
Small cavity in a rock or vein
Desire or hope for something to happen
Shaped like or resembling a sword
Informal word for yes
Comedian Galifianakis or actor Roerig

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