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Surprisingly impressive or notableA
Sudden and overwhelming military attackB
Major coastal seaport in SE BangladeshC
The __________ Limited (2010 movie)D
All that existsE
Being unable to rememberF
1863 American Civil War battleG
Uncertainty principle physicistH
Supplying water to (land or crops)I
Crossing the street or road unlawfullyJ
Martial art that uses hands and feetK
European countryL
Soaking foods with seasoningM
Providing with food ... (for growth)N
Long-armed ape of BorneoO
Saint __________: city in RussiaP
First motion of a fetus felt by motherQ
Politely or formally asking forR
Seat of the European ParliamentS
Major 1914 World War I battleT
Taking your (or someones else's) clothes offU
Applying a lacquer or glaze toV
Where Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door W
Moving in sharp turns from side to sideZ

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