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No matter what (you choose)A
Large amphibian with a booming croakB
Safe place to get over the roadC
Savoury ball of seasoned doughD
Daily service in the Anglican ChurchE
Room surface on which one walksF
Word or sign of welcomeG
Insect-eating spiny mammal H
Awesome or impressive in appearanceI
Combat for mounted knightsJ
Material for starting a fireK
Equipment used to provide illuminationL
Siege (and town) in Boer WarM
Young bird not yet fledgedN
Gift given to a godO
Suspended device used by boxersP
Traitor who collaborates with an enemyQ
Variety of German wine grapeR
Birthplace of MozartS
Arousing feelings of sympathy; heart-warmingT
Act of resistance or rebellionU
Ornamental work in a ceilingV
Largest city of ManitobaW
Copying (a document) X
Nautical pastime or sportY
Term used in chess: 'compulsion to move'Z

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