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Fourth most populous city in DenmarkA
Accumulation of jobs not doneB
Winter Olympic sportC
Street where the UK Prime Minister livesD
Device used as protection against noiseE
220 yardsF
Chinese medicinal herbG
Common Ocean fishH
One sank the TitanicI
Pace between walking and runningJ
Author of The Jungle BookK
Short-tailed Arctic rodentL
Chinese game played with 144 tilesM
Former capital of ChinaN
Aperture or holeO
100th part of a Deutsche markP
Edible American clamQ
Driver who obstructs othersR
Young treeS
Edmund Hillary's Everest comrpanionT
Cause of one's ruin or downfallU
Examination using the eyesV
U.S. western stateW
Chinese city (any)X
Showing lack of attention or boredomY
Moving along very quicklyZ

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