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Harry Potter arachnidA
Important personB
Human-Robot hybridC
Aquatic mammal: sea cowD
Small elongated insectE
Forging or counterfeitingF
New York Yankee greatG
Bah ___: Ebinizer ScroogeH
___ Berlin or Washington ___I
Talking humorously or flippantlyJ
Knapsack, as for a soldierK
Small pampered canineL
Large river in Southeast AsiaM
Aromatic seed used as a spiceN
Elongated squareO
Former name of BeijingP
Edible American clamQ
Olympic water sportR
Season of the yearS
Large, densely packed crowdT
Not famous or acclaimedU
Ancient ScandinavianV
System of electrical circuitsW
Tibetan Autonomous RegionX
Deviating from a straight course (ship)Y
Alternate to the right and leftZ

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