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In addition (usually followed by 'with')A
Flashy, ostentatious jewelryB
Hold on tightlyC
Correct errors in a computer programD
To lengthen outE
Thrown or cast awayF
Russian political prison campG
Adding color toH
Wedding cake coveringI
No J answerJ
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles villainK
Not telling the truthL
Scottish variation of the name MaryM
The Kingdom of NorwayN
Large long-armed ape of BorneoO
Crash involving a carP
'The Caine Mutiny' captainQ
Organize or adjust (something) differentlyR
Gesture with the shouldersS
Skimpy bathing garmentT
Employing (object) for some purposeU
____ for contentionV
Characterized by errorsW
Luke Skywalker's StarfighterX
Having lived for only a short timeY
Austrian novelist (German for branch)Z

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